So below I have made a list of 5 of the Best Paid Android Apps. Many Android apps have both paid and free versions, the apps I talk about below are worth purchasingfor the extra features. There are many more but these are my five favorite. So we will start off with saying that there are over 300,000 apps available inthe Android Marketplace; with an estimated 10 billion downloads.

available inthe Android Marketplace; with an estimated 10 billion downloads.

BagCheckr: Are you the kind that is a frequent traveler but has trouble packing? Do you often leave things behind in hotel rooms? People say paid reviews onlinehas nothing to do with paid ios reviews but that is not entirely true. With this paid ios reviews you can create packing lists, add to them, organize them, numberthe items, enter the weights of each item and calculate the total weight of your pack. You'll never leave anything behind on your business or personal tripever again.

The apps in the Android Market for the Honeycomb devices are not so many and Google should look into this matter as the common get products from online cannot utilize the screen space of the tablets. The tablet runs on pair of 3260mAh batteries and offers almost 7 hours of battery life.

Now of course the first thing you need in order to paid reviews from online is something to sell. This can be either a product you created yourself, an affiliate productor some type of service. Since you are a newbie, I would suggest going with an affiliate product. I say that because out of the three options, affiliate marketingis probably to quickest way to start bringing in income. You also don't have to worry about some of the technical stuff you might have to worry about whenit comes to trying to sell your own product.

If you want your traffic booster to be effective it must be up to date, using out of date techniques will waste your time, remember time is MONEY! The new crazetoday is video marketing, if you are not using video marketing in your war chest your simply throwing away money. Normally what people do is upload a video(YouTube is the best) and attach keywords to that video. Most people find your video while searching for those keywords. The video must be entertaining ifyou want to achieve a high click trough rate, however it doesn't have to be specifically related to your product. Here's a good suggestion to explode your trafficovernight using video marketing.

On the other hand, if you've been looking at the members of your Circles, as we have, how many of the members of your circles are posting updates. Among ourcircles, only one has (although these Circle members are posting to Facebook). We've also noticed that many of the suggestions that are given to us are alsopost-less.‚Äč